How to make a CV



Step 1: Your data
Start your cv with your personal data. As employer, we know with who we are dealing. It’s also important to upload a picture. It’s gives a better image of the person who is applying, your cv stands out and will be remembered.
Step 2: Work experience
Summarize your relevant work experience in chronological order. With this, the most recent jobs reach the top. Always mention the name of the company that you have worked for, the function name and a short description of your activities. If you know when you started and ended, mention these too.
Step 3: Educations and courses
You have to write the chronological order of your education too. You mention your last education on top. With each education you mentioned, mention if you have completed it or not.
Step 4: Skills Here
You could write down your language skills. Besides that, it is also a good place to write down other skills you dispose of and it could be useful for the function you are applying for. Possibly you could completed your cv with hobbies.
Step 5: Spelling checker
Always check your cv on the correct names of companies, grammar and spelling mistakes. Currently every computer/ tablet/ mobile has spelling check, so use it!
Writing a motivation letter
No inspiration to write a motivation letter? You’re not the only one! Many people finds it hard to write a motivation letter. To make it easier, we have set up three questions for you. By answering these questions and putting it together in a short story, you have a motivation letter. The power of a motivation letter is the length. The shorter and (more) powerful the letter is, the better your message comes across. That’s how simple could it be!
Who are you?
Tell here your name, age, where you live, who you are or what you like to do. What do you have to offer? Here you can tell what you can add to a company. You could mention your relevant work experience or educations.
What are you adding?
And here you can mention why you are the suitable candidate for the vacancy.
Complete the story and don’t forget to mention your phone number and e-mail address.
Good luck!


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